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Services and Training Packages

Dog training customized to your
needs  your schedule in your
dog's natural environment


  •  Has your dog been relegated to the back yard or basement?

  •  Have you stopped inviting people home because of your dogís behavior?

  •  Do you feel itís not pleasant or safe to take your dog out with you? 

  •  Maybe youíre feeling you can no longer live with your dogís behavior.

 I can help

Whether you have a new puppy or older dog that you want to get off to a good start, or youíre feeling at the end of your tether with your dogís behavior.

Together we will identify and clarify your training goals and develop a training plan that will help you achieve those goals.

I will teach you how to use a small device called a "clicker" and a process of reinforcing the behaviors you want from your dog, so you will see results with just minutes of training every day.

The training methods you will learn are positive, force free and best of all fun for you and your dog. Your dog will become an enthusiastic learner!

Training Packages

Training packages will be customized to meet your goals, schedule and the level of performance you want your canine companion to achieve.

 Puppy Package

House Training

Training for Manners
Training for Attention

Training for Calm
Target Training 
Clicker Training Basics    

click image above to view video

K9 Foundations Package:

Advanced Manners
Loose Leash Walking
Advanced Target Training,
Down   Sit  Mine/Take It 
Name Game
Recall and Settle
Nothing in Life is Free
Clicker Training Basics
(if new to clicker Training)

Problem Behaviors Package:

Resource Guarding
Separation Anxiety
Handling Issues
Stranger Fear
Submissive urination
House training
On-leash dog-dog reactivity 


                               Consultation and Counseling

Private in-home consultation for problem behaviors and training options.

Are you not sure what to do about your dogís behavior or considering a home change or euthanasia?  A consultation can help you examine  the options and reduce the stress of this difficult decision.

Private in-home consultations for choosing a puppy or dog for you or your family.

Are you thinking about adding a new puppy or dog to your home? I provide consultation, helping you make a decision about a new canine companion that will match your life style for their lifetime.

Counseling for coping with your pet's aging or illness or the loss of your pet.

Unfortunately our canine companions live their lives quickly and we may face making decisions about their end of life and our feelings of loss.

Adults and children form close attachments to pets and a pets loss is often the first loss a child experiences. Parents that seek support for their family, help them understand the loss, find healthy ways to remember and memorialize their lost companion.  Helping your child learn to manage their emotions of grief will reduce family stress and serve your child for their lifetime. 

 I am a member of the Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement and have over 20 years experience as a therapist and can help you and your family with these tough decisions and challenging feelings.


K9 Manners and More For a Lifetime