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Many times the best items are not found in the pet shops in the mall or in the pet aisle at the grocery store.  We have stocked our (virtual) shelves with items and information that we believe will give you and your pet a better relationship and give your dog a happier and healthier life.

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The How of Bow Wow

The How of Bow Wow is positively top tier for those learning clicker training. For beginners, the video takes you through the basics of clicker training and the training of foundation skills that every dog and handler need. For the clicker trainer that knows these basics, the video takes you through important skills like maximizing the power of rewards and getting to fluency. The video is more expensive than earlier Bow Wow tapes but its longer run time, quality videography, and content depth make it worth it. Highly recommended.

Karen's Review
"This is a marvelous clicker teaching video. You'll watch two world-class clicker trainers using up-to-the minute shaping techniques...This program shines with the same humor, humaneness, and high-production value as the previous "Bow Wow" videos". - Karen Pryor

DVD includes:
Building, Proofing and Polishing Behaviors
This video includes an overview of clicker training and the basic skills:

  • Sit & Down
  • Stay & Come
  • Hold & Attention
  • Off ("leave it")
  • Wait Go Settle
  • Loose Leash Walking

Additional features on the DVD include:

  • Various ways to ’get’ behaviors.
  • Maximizing the power of rewards.
  • Teaching skills to a fluent level.
  • Adding distractions, duration and distance.
  • Tips for improving your training skills.
Please call regarding VHS orders.


Click to enlargeReaching the Animal Mind

by Karen Pryor

Every book will be autographed by Karen and will come with a free i-Click clicker!

Here’s what the author tells us about her newest book:

“This is a book about loving, understanding, and communicating with animals. Animals are a lot smarter and more aware than we used to think. Now you can share my personal experiences training and communicating with animals ranging from an elephant to a hermit crab. You’ll learn how you, too, can bring out the intelligence, personality, warmth, even humor, in dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, and have fun doing it, too.”

The next level of information
“Lots of people are already trying to use a clicker, but may not be using it right. Other folks are skeptical about using food, or can’t see how you could train without punishment. I interviewed some of the leading neuroscientists in the US to get you some new answers to those questions and more. And, it turns out this technology is not just for animals! In my new book you’ll learn how clicker training methods can teach people positively, too.”

Value added on the web
After the book’s publication date, June 16, 2009, go online at www.reachingtheanimalmind.com to see clicker training pictures, video clips, live links, and downloadable pdfs for each chapter of the book.

About the author
Karen Pryor is the founder and CEO of Karen Pryor Clicker training, and the author of many books including Don’t Shoot the Dog.

Every book will be autographed by Karen and will come with a free i-Click clicker!

KPBK204RRegular price: 25.00Sale price: 19.95


New! Many clicker trainers consider the training bag (or treat bag) an essential piece of equipment. Getting the features clicker trainers want, at a price that makes sense, is the challenge. Inexpensive bags usually lack features, and feature-rich bags have been expensive in the past.

Here's our new design. Feature rich. Great price. We think you'll love it. Our testers (trainers, dog walkers, and pet owners) certainly do!

Clicker train anywhere, anytime with this treat bag at your side!

  • Fast open/shut:  Have your hands free to train. Pop the bag open with one-hand touch. Close it securely with one hand touch. Stays open when you want it to and closed when you want it to; no flap to get in the way.
  • Hold plenty of treats: Who wants to refill all the time?
  • Wide-mouth opening: Easily get your hand in and out!
  • Gusseted bottom: Our bag stays upright on a flat surface; a really useful design feature that most people don't think about. Allows you to use the bag for training when it's NOT on your hip!
  • Roomy, outside mesh pocket: Non-food storage is essential. Securely holds your wallet, keys, cell phone, supply of poop bags, and other items you carry. Your iPod, too!
  • Glide placement: Easily lets you switch the bag on your left, right, or behind you, while you wear it, enabling you to keep it out of sight.
  • D-ring: Hook on your keys or clicker!
  • Target pocket: The right size for our extendable target stick.
  • Lightweight: You'll enjoy having it along with you for all activities from walking to running—in the backwoods, at the seashore, or in competition!

Manners Minder is a training tool that employs solid clicker training principles and is a great addition to our training lineup. It’s good for beginner clicker trainers and fabulous for experienced trainers, teachers, and clubs. Manners Minder eliminates teaching treat delivery so that pet owners can focus solely on their timing—a big plus for beginners. Experienced trainers will love using this well-made product for teaching targeting and when training a dog to work at a distance from the trainer. Highly recommended!

How it works
It’s clicker training, of course! A remote-control device triggers a base unit to issue a short tone, and then dispense a treat. When your dog's behavior deserves reinforcement, you press the remote control, the sound marks the good behavior, and the reward follows.

What’s included

  • Food dispenser
  • Hand-held remote control
  • Target wand and removable stand
  • Instruction guide and training DVD

Four (4) D batteries are required, but not included.

Product history
Karen Pryor helped veterinarian Sophia Yin (the original product designer) define the operant conditioning principles of MannersMinder.

The product was originally sold only by Sharper Image. Subsequently, the product was picked up by Premier, improved, and renamed.




Click to enlargeFrenzy Ring

Just Do it! The new "Frenzy Ring" is Karen's favorite new toy, "Misha just loves it!" Its colorful, woven fleece catches the attention of even the most excitable of our dogs. Machine washable.

Clip on Clicker

These new clickers have a white coil clip-on that can hook onto a belt loop, or even onto itself to make a wrist clicker for convenience while training your pet. Just clip it on and your ready to train! 



Click to enlargePocket Extendable Target (PET)      OUT OF STOCK

Sometimes you need a longer target stick when training behaviors at arm’s reach, and sometimes you want a shorter target stick when working your dog close by. Now you can do it all with just one tool. Our pocket extendable target goes from pocket size (6") to full size (21") with a flick of your wrist. The bright yellow ball on the tip makes your target easy for any dog to locate. Keep the extendable target stick in your pocket for training anywhere, anytime.

The P.E.T. measures 6" closed, 21" extended.

For medium and small dogs only!


The Clik Stik

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"The Clik Stik combination frees up one of the trainer's hands. This combination means there's one less piece of equipment to drop, juggle or lose!" — Terry Ryan

The new Clik Stik Training Tool is a clicker on a collapsible stick—perfect for trick and target training! Target extends to 23 inches, and handle includes a belt clip for easy carrying.

  • The Clik Stik is fully telescoping from 6 to 23 inches.

  • All in one clicker and retractable target stick.

  • Includes Terry Ryan's training guide!



The Tipsee Target

The Tipsee Target stands on flat surface and when its knocked over it bounces back up. This is an invaluable teaching for teaching targeting and for teaching your dog to work at a distance away from you and it saves all the headaches of a re-setting. The base also separates from the telescoping (23 inches) target so that it can be used as an excellent target stick with an easy to see 'fat head' giving you two targets in one!

It is also an Replacement/additional target for the one in the Manners Minder.



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It's the definitive, all-in-one, everything-you-need belt bag. So complete you and your dog may never come home!

Four easy pieces:

  • Deluxe belt pack

  • food pouch (holds 3 cups)

  • adjustable clip-on leash for hands-free walking

  • fold-up travel bowl with features galore

It's the Cadillac of belt packs!




Too much to hold?
Try our Hands-Free Leash!

Teaching loose-leash walking can be frustrating for dog and trainer alike. How do you click and treat when your hands are holding onto a leash? The answer is our new ergonomic Hands-Free Leash. Designed to give you complete and total freedom of movement with a padded belt, it includes an adjustable leash with a quick-release safety buckle. Recommended by clicker trainers, the Hands-Free Leash discourages the habit of relying on the leash to correct or physically manipulate the dog, so that you can focus on capturing and reinforcing correct behavior. Also ideal for running with your dog and multiple dog walking.

  • The 9" connector leash works with two different leash lengths — for city walking or country hiking

  • A built-in handle features a hook and loop strap so you can detach from your dog quickly if you need to

  • Waist belt adjusts to 50 inches



Puzzle Toys & Boredom Busters

Click to enlargeMany toys claim to relieve boredom in your dog; most fail, or only work for few minutes. But we've found some that really do the job.

Our 'Boredom busters' toys and puzzles keep your dog (or cat or rat!) interested a good long while without much intervention on your part, and provide a self-reinforcing process for the dog's interaction with the toy.

This collection of toys is full of great activities that are fun for your dog and provide a stimulating challenge.

Your dog will love trying to figure out the solution in order to find the delicious prize hidden inside.

Some puzzles are good for when you're not at home, while others require supervision.

Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Click order below to see the options.




The Cheerful Pet Tug Toys products are designed in America and then handcrafted by artisans in Nepal. Each piece is individually handmade with 100% all-natural and durable New Zealand wool. Therefore, each product you receive will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece of art! The double dog tug toys have colorful balls with tassels on each end to use with two dogs. The extra-long tug toys have a ball on one end and a handle on the other, making it easier and safer for you to play tug with your pet!

By purchasing these products, you are helping Nepali women provide for their families, giving them an enriched quality of life.

Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Click order below to see the options. Prices range from $4.75 to $19.95


Travel Bowl Duo

Dogs are always eating out, so why not make it easy? Carry two compact, fold-up bowls in their own carrying case.

  • Two-bowl set

  • Each bowl holds 4 cups of dry food or 20 oz. of water and measures 10" across x 2" high

  • For larger dogs, there's a web cuff makes the bowl deeper





Black T-Shirt<br>with Red Clicker Design

This T-shirt was designed by KPCT and is always a popular item at ClickerExpo. The shirt is black with a red i-Click design on the left-hand side of the chest. This shirt is being discontinued to make way for new designs, so there are only a limited number left in stock. Put on your clicker shirt and show the world you click! Sizes = S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.


The Wonder Bar

The Wonder Bar offers durable nylon webbing on the outside and plush stuffing on the inside, a satisfying combination of toughness and softness for rewarding games of tug. The handle keeps your fingers safely out of the game. Machine washable. (random colors)





Gift Certificates to the Clickertraining.com store work just like cash! They are redeemable for online orders only and for any item offered in our store. These are electronic gift certificates that are e-mailed to you so that you can give to others... just like cash.

What a great positive gift!
                          (Allow 3 days for sending of gift certificate)

KPC10000R25.00Gift Certificates

I-Click Clicker 
The New i-ClickThe essential part of clicker training, comes in a variety of configurations. 

 Click below for additional information and ordering.





"This is not a clicker book and not really a training book either, but it’s a light, easy workbook for kids and adults about understanding a dog. It explains how dogs think, what they care about, how they react to you, what’s hard for them, what’s easy for them—all in pictures and clear short messages. Heartily recommended training gift or additional reference for new pet owners." - Karen Pryor

Busted! I'm a Peoples, You're a Dog helps adults and children to "see the world through our dog's eyes". This book gives simple yet important training tips such as:

  • Know what we want to train and how we want to train it before we engage with our dogs

  • Be generous with praise and rewards. That way dogs will move information more quickly from short-term to long-term memory.

  • Our dogs tell us moment by moment where they are emotionally, so train accordingly. Be flexible.

  • If our dogs are slow to motivate, study their ways to see what perks them up, maybe hot dogs or a certain squeaker toy, then use that.

KPBKBUSTED!RRegular price: 15.95


    By Karen Pryor with Carolyn Clark

    A Clicker favorite video now on DVD!

    This Puppy Love DVD features scientist Karen Pryor introducing "Clicker Training," the pet-friendly way to raise a great family dog. You'll love what this DVD will do for your new puppy and for you! Great for adopted dogs and shelter dogs, too. From the grandparent and parents down to the kids, everyone can help the new pet learn-- Where to sleep; the right place to "go"; good manners around people and other dogs; accepting grooming and pet care; sitting instead of jumping up to greet you; what "is" and "is not" okay to chew; coming when called; cute and easy tricks, and walking on a loose leash, right from the start!

    Running Time: 30 minutes. Also available on VHS.

    KPVD505RRegular price: 24.95


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